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Duration: 4 days

Exceptional! We will walk with ancestors for the next few days – as the Karoo is one of the areas where the influence of the destruction of Gondwanaland can best be experienced. It will take us through the scenic Nieweveld Mountains, where old ox-wagon tracks show the way.


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Duration: 5 days

“The Valley of baboons” – a Wilderness Area – today it is associated with a vision of pristine nature and the winding road carved through the valley by Thomas Bain often the only sign of intrusion…… An exceptional destination best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, with enough time to appreciate the scenery, wildlife, people and great camping and lodge accommodation. 


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Duration: 4-6 days

A scenic trip through the mountains of the Southern Cape and Little Karoo – we follow in the historic tracks of the old transport pioneers and their ox-wagons. Some of them runs through indigenous forests and other over the Outeniqua and Swartberg Mountains – 4×4-territory – all with a rich history.

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