Let’s Go Low Range !


Duration: 7-9 days

If you haven’t yet explored Lesotho, allow me to recommend it as a tonic. It’s scenically spectacular and there is much that is hugely challenging if you venture off the main roads. Snow and ice on the high peaks add their own excitements – there’s nothing quite like the sound of cracking and crunching ice when you drive through frozen streams and pools in the road – and then with names like the “God Help Me Pass”, “Jockstrap Pass” and the “Roof of Africa” route explains it further!

You enter the Mountain Kingdom or also called the “Kingdom in the Sky” from, the breathtaking, Sani Pass, while heading for the Sani Top Chalet – with reputedly the highest pub in Africa. Some of the other highlights will include Maletsunyane Falls, with the world’s highest single drop commercial abseil (204m); Katze Dam, with a tour of the dam wall of 186m in the heart of Lesotho; visiting Malealea, one of the premier pony trekking centres, where local entrepreneurs, tourist and villagers work together for the common good – fantastic venue.

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