Let’s Go Low Range !


Duration: 12 – 16 days

Botswana is one of the dazzling gems of Africa – with plenty of uncharted territory teeming with wildlife to explore, as well as a diverse and cultural scene. From tracking lion in the remote reaches of Savute, to photographing elephants in their hundreds along the Chobe River. To soaking in the peace, serenity and beauty of an Okavango river journey, Botswana excels in providing the ultimate bush safari.

It is unique in that it is relatively unexploited and in places, totally untouched. There are only a few places left in Africa where one can still enjoy such pristine beauty in a perfectly safe environment.

Our first safari to Botswana realized in 1990, and ever since it stayed on the annual programme – still our favourite – and every time an unbelievable adventure!

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